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03 Jun 2015An Institute Of Musicology And Choral Conducting Has Been Created In Abidjan, Ivory CoastGeneral
03 Jun 2015Obituary: Jack BodyPeople
03 Jun 2015Chorus America Annual Conference – June 17-20, 2015 – Boston, MassachusettsEvents
03 Jun 2015Japan Choral Association NewsEvents
03 Jun 2015Calling All Young Aspiring ComposersEvents
03 Jun 2015WSCM11: Call for Choirs and Presenters (Barcelona, 22-29 July 2017)Events
03 Jun 2015WSCM12: Call for ProposalsEvents
03 Jun 2015IFCM World Choral Expo 2015 in Macau, 12-15 November 2015Events
03 Jun 2015ACDA Second National Symposium on Choral MusicEvents
03 Jun 2015ACDA Divisional ConferencesEvents
03 Jun 2015EUROPA CANTAT XIX Pecs 2015 News JuneEvents
03 Jun 2015America Cantat 8, Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas, 21-31 August 2016Events

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06 Mar 2015World Youth Choir NewsGeneral
20 Jan 2015Education For All Global Monitoring ReportGeneral
05 Dec 2014International Choral Bulletin (ICB) UpdateGeneral
11 Nov 2014International Inventory of Musical Sources: Survey about Online CatalogGeneral
28 May 2014Join Your Colleagues in Calling for Urgent Recognition of Culture's Role in DevelopmentGeneral
24 Jul 2012News from UNESCO: Governance of culture technical assistance missionsGeneral
19 Jan 2012Choral Blend: Cambridge Research SurveyGeneral
15 Oct 2011Understand the latest trends in the field of intellectual propertyGeneral
15 Oct 2011Press Release: Winners of the 2011 IMC Musical Rights AwardsGeneral
06 Apr 2011FIM Solidarity Campaign in Support of Japanese MusiciansGeneral
19 May 2010Extract of the monthly Newsletter of Musica InternationalGeneral
08 Feb 2010Announcing: ACCC Choral Bytes BlogGeneral
15 Oct 2009Call for Articles for the magazine "Sounds in Europe"General
06 Nov 2008ACDA and the Library of CongressGeneral
28 Apr 2008European Music Council annual conferenceGeneral
06 Mar 2008New A Coeur Joie PublicationsGeneral
28 Feb 2008Creation of the Philippine Choral Directors AssociationGeneral
28 Jan 2008Dr. Tim Sharp Appointed Executive Director of ACDAGeneral
01 Nov 2007Singer Pur awarded during the ECHO Klassik Gala in MunichGeneral
01 Nov 2007The WHO IS WHO IN CHORAL MUSIC has been publishedGeneral
01 Nov 2007International Music Council takes key decisions for the future of the organizationGeneral
11 Oct 2007International Music Council’s World Forum on Music in BeijingGeneral
04 Sep 2007ChoralNet DevelopmentsGeneral
28 Jun 2007New contact details for the Cork International Choral FestivalGeneral
13 Jun 2007Score DonationsGeneral
24 May 2007Some news from the European Music CouncilGeneral
08 May 2007Change of address for Musica InternationalGeneral
15 Feb 2007Professional orchestra and choir stop activity in ManillaGeneral
01 Feb 2007The IFCM in West AfricaGeneral
31 Jan 2007New officers at the Congolese Federation for Choral MusicGeneral
11 Dec 2006Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural ExpressionsGeneral
09 Nov 2006Toward a new choir organization in South AfricaGeneral
19 Oct 2006New officers at the OFADAC, ArgentinaGeneral
11 Oct 2006Europa Cantat re-elects president and presents its programme for 2007General
27 Sep 2006How to join the World Youth Choir ?General
11 Sep 2006Common statement from WACCA participantsGeneral
31 Aug 2006Ratification of the UNESCO Convention on the Diversity of Cultural ExpressionsGeneral
13 Aug 2006European Funds for choral projects !General
26 Jul 2006World Youth Choir: a new websiteGeneral
17 Jul 2006European funding for the World Youth ChoirGeneral
16 Jul 2006A European Contract for Musica InternationalGeneral
16 May 2006Mountain View choir cancels tour after funds stolenGeneral
15 May 2006Turning Points: Music –Youth – DiversityGeneral
11 May 2006IFCM to open a center in Guangzhou, ChinaGeneral
26 Apr 2006Cultural Identity... a way to understandGeneral
18 Apr 2006Finnish National Opera to lay off its entire staffGeneral
18 Apr 2006Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible HeritageGeneral
29 Mar 2006Choir competition erupts into violenceGeneral
13 Mar 20067th World Symposium Highlights CD & DVDGeneral
08 Mar 2006From Eskil Hemberg SocietyGeneral
21 Feb 2006GATS Negotiations and Cultural PoliciesGeneral
09 Feb 2006Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible HeritageGeneral
09 Feb 2006Composing opportunitiesGeneral
05 Jan 2006Boys Choir of Harlem Faces EvictionGeneral
05 Jan 2006Schola Cantorum de Caracas becomes Schola Cantorum de VenezuelaGeneral
23 Dec 2005News and gossipsGeneral
15 Dec 2005Europa Cantat Central-Eastern European CentreGeneral
15 Dec 2005ExTra! - Exchange TraditionsGeneral
30 Nov 2005Choral Festival NetworkGeneral
29 Nov 2005News from ChinaGeneral
13 Nov 2005World Assembly of Choral Conductor’s Associations - book your dates !General
30 Sep 2005From ThailandGeneral
30 Sep 2005Call for Cantemus SeriesGeneral
15 Aug 2005Africa and Musica InternationalGeneral
13 Aug 2005Succesful Andino choir and orchestraGeneral
10 Aug 2005Succesful World Youth Choir in IsraelGeneral
27 May 2005Churches close their doors to non judeo-christian performing groups in Musica Sacra Festrival, GermanyGeneral
04 May 2005A Coeur Joie International as an INGOGeneral
25 Apr 2005A new international choral centre in SwedenGeneral
16 Apr 2005World Youth Choir, winter 2006-2007General
16 Apr 2005World Youth Choir recruitmentGeneral
08 Apr 2005Merge in GermanyGeneral
21 Mar 2005News from CongoGeneral
15 Mar 2005Women Singing for Peace - when two powers meetGeneral
15 Mar 2005From the International Music Council: Many Musics in EuropeGeneral
01 Mar 2005Tsunami, a surveyGeneral
11 Jan 2005IFCM and Europa Cantat in 2006General
11 Jan 2005World Youth Choir European sessionGeneral
11 Jan 2005Support for the Music Community victim of the TsunamiGeneral
21 Dec 2004from the International Music CouncilGeneral
20 Dec 2004Report on Choir participation in choral competitionsGeneral
10 Dec 2004Europa Cantat Conference on Music Education in Venice - conclusions and recommendationsGeneral
03 Dec 2004Songbridge guidelinesGeneral
02 Dec 2004World Youth Choir summer session 2005 - IsraelGeneral
02 Dec 2004World Youth Choir European Winter Session 2004/2004General
30 Nov 2004International conference in OmanGeneral
26 Nov 2004Fred Sjöberg email addressGeneral
08 Nov 2004Europa Cantat JuniorGeneral
03 Nov 2004Thomas Rabbow address changeGeneral
03 Nov 2004Address change, Jutta TaggerGeneral
23 Oct 2004A New Spring 2005 Date for the First Hip Hop World Summit in Paris, FranceGeneral
21 Oct 2004Eric Ericson International Choral CenterGeneral
15 Oct 2004NEW: Musica Virtual Choral Library now on DVD-ROMGeneral
25 Sep 2004General
16 Sep 2004Address changes in New ZealandGeneral