By on the 18 Nov 2013

Why not use your IFCM WORLD CHORAL DAY concerts to raise relief funds supporting aid in the world’s most needed areas?


  1. Log onto the World Choral Day website and register your choir and concert details
  2. Decide the world aid charity you wish to donate to and contact with your local branch
  3. Promote your concerts in December as fundraising concerts for the relief efforts as part of the “IFCM World Choral Day” in your community, and use the IFCM WORLD CHORAL DAY logo on your promotions and programs
  4. Collect donations at the door or donate the proceedings of your concert to your selected charity
  5. Pass the donations you have collected to your selected charity as soon as possible
  6. Download your images and register your information from the concert
  7. On the website read about all the other great choral events around the world that have donated to the relief effort.
We are particularly thinking of our colleagues in The Philippines right now and hope that as a choral world can assist them in anyway possible. Through a united choral world we can make a difference, so why not get on board and register your support as “volunteers connecting our world through choral music”?

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