Asia Pacific Regional Secretariat

The agreement to establish the Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat (APRS) of the International Federation of Choral Music was signed by IFCM and the Korea Choral Institute (KCI, in the person of its President, Ms Dho Youngshim, Ambassador of Tourism and Sports) on October 31st, 2003. The establishment of the APRS is a meaningful step for sparking greater choral activity and international networking in the Asia-Pacific region. It will lay the groundwork for supporting the development of choral music and upgrading musical contents to international standards throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands.

In Summer 2004, APRS hosted the World Youth Choir 2004 in Korea. The World Youth Choir is a choral group made up of talented young people from many different countries around the globe, and is one of the programs that UNESCO is proud of. Every year they make a tour and hold concerts in one nation, and in 2004 Korea became the 3rd Asian country to host them.

The Asia-Pacific Choral Summit is another of the meaningful projects conducted by APRS. In May 2003, the first summit was held in the Busan City Hall with participants from 16 different countries. The second summit was successfully held in Kyoto, Japan, in July 2005 with the leaders from 30 countries. This summit provided the leaders of choral music in the Asia-Pacific region the chance to communicate and strengthen their relationship.

In February 2005, APRS founded an International Children's Chorus Contest, that will serve as the root of Asia-Pacific choral culture and nurture its growth. In addition, APRS has hosted the 2005 Busan APEC Choral Festival & Competition in November 2005. APRS will host this choral festival annually to build its international reputation, and also to present successful models of choral contests in the Asia-Pacific region. Since this festival is held as a cultural event for the commemoration of the 2005 Busan APEC Summit, it is even more meaningful. During this event, 30 choirs from all over the Asia- Pacific region will participate, and it has aroused the interest of many members of the global choral community.

A successful foundation for these contests has already been laid. APRS has a very original choir, the Singing Ambassadors. Its 27 members are all Foreign Ambassadors to Korea and represent all the regions of the world. The Singing Ambassadors is playing an unprecedented diplomatic role. They have presented several wonderful performances that impressed and delighted Korean audiences.

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