Online services

Modern technology has been changing the world of communication. The IFCM website is becoming a global tool for choral musicians with search engines on different resources. All these features are available to the membership.

The World Choral Census

The "Michelin Guide" for choral music in the world.
The World Choral Census, published by IFCM updated permanently, is an invaluable resource with its listing of choral organizations, choirs, festivals, publications, and business worldwide. The Census documents the breadth of the organizations of choral music throughout the world and provides an informative directory to facilitate communication.

Members can search in our online census

Choral festival and events

This database allows the IFCM members to look for all competitions, festivals and other events happening in the world.


The IFCM secretariat uses this tool to communicate in real time with the membership about all interesting news on the choral world and the IFCM events.

ICB online

All articles of the ICB magazine and their translation are available online in the IFCM archives. An indispensable tool for research.