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The International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) very much values your continued support and commitment to bringing choral music of the world together. Your membership is important to us and means that you can be an active and vital part of the international choral community and in the process of "Connecting our Choral World".

Current projects include: World Symposium on Choral Music, World Choral Summit, World Choral Day, Conductors without Borders, World Youth Choir, International Choral Bulletin, Second International Competition for Choral Compositions, America Cantat, Asia Cantat, "Choirs Transforming our World" Symposium, "Voices" Festivals, Asia Pacific Choral Summit, Asia Pacific Youth Choir... and many others, 

Benefits to members include:
  • Becoming a valued and active participant in the international choral community
  • Have input into the future directions of global choral music
  • The opportunity to get involved in global projects
  • A quarterly edition of the International Choral Bulletin (ICB) delivered to your door, and on-line
  • Find other choirs and events around the world through access to the International Choral Database
  • Sharing ideas and skills by making contacts with other IFCM Members
  • Keeping you informed of the growth of global choral music through access to the Choral Census results
  • The latest IFCM news and major choral events distributed monthly via the IFCMeNEWS - delivered by email
  • Finding expertise in choral training and development through contact with leading professional choral musicians
  • Discounts to most IFCM events
  • Helping to nurture new ideas and creative artistry through the work of conductors and composers across the world
  • Read about many historical and contemporary ideas about choral music with free access to 637 ICB articles from the archives, as of now, with their translation in French, German and Spanish
  • Staying in touch with recent and up-coming events through the Calendar and listing of International Choral Events
  • The main information on the website available in English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese
Coming soon... "Composer Connections"... and other exciting ventures...
and.... knowing that you are playing an active and important role in the development and support of choral music across the globe!

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