IFCM General Assembly – 6 August 2011 – 2:30-7:00PM

Hotel Rayentray, Boulevard Brown n° 2889, C.P. 9120 Puerto Madryn, Argentina


IFCM Elections to the Board

Voting Procedures

Extraordinary Presidential Nomination Call

Members are alerted to an exceptional circumstance which affects the 2011 elections of their General Assembly of IFCM in Argentina. This is summarized in two key points:
  1. Legal obstacle for GA 2011 elections with proposed solution
  2. Extraordinary presidential nomination call
The proposed solution requires the will of the 2011 GA. Please read the attached reference documents to be fully informed. These will also be posted to the website.
Documents attached:
The essential message is that any IFCM member in good standing who wishes to seek election for the presidency must submit their nomination by August 3rd in order to be a candidate. The submission must include a bio, photo and statement of intent. Nominations are to be sent to office@ifcm.net
Download the declared presidential candidates' profile here below

Declared Candidates to the Board

There are 5 open seats for election to the IFCM board. Any member in good standing is eligible to apply, provided they have not already exceeded their maximum terms as elected Board members. This announcement presents all candidates who have declared up to July 1st. Timely submission has provided the membership with this advance notice of candidatures, with accompanying information about them. Member may, in fact, submit their candidacy up to 24 hours before the GA in Argentina. Any member inclined to run for election to the Board is urged to submit their materials (picture, bio, statement of intent) at the earliest possible date so that the membership may be completely informed of all candidatures.
Download the declared candidates' profile here below



IFCM Task Forces

  • Operations/Strategic Plan by Michael Anderson
  • Finances/Fundraising by Håkan Wickström (Finances) and Philip Brunelle (Fundraising)
  • Public Relations/Communications by Aarne Saluveer
  • Membership Development by Saeko Hasegawa
  • Legal/Governance by Susan Knight

Other Reports by IFCM partners or members