Commissions, Conferences & Seminars

The International Federation for Choral Music has created several commissions in order to fill special needs of research and development on choral matters. The task of these commissions is to help the federation in its policy and programme regarding the fields where the choral community is in need.

Conductors' commission

The status of the choral musician is quite different depending on where he lives. The same happens with the curriculum of choral conducting studies. The conductor's commission has started a programme of conferences and seminars, including surveys in different countries in order to study what the working and studying conditions are. The conclusion of this programme will allow the IFCM to publish a research article on the state of choral conducting around the world.
An important step in the programme is the first ever meeting of presidents and managers of choral conductors associations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in August 2006.

Children's and Youth Choir Commission

Beside the World Youth Choir and the Songbridge programmes, the IFCM objective is to reflect on the difficult subject of musical pedagogy and the role of choral singing with children.
The objective of the Children and Youth Choir Commission is to analyze the needs in the world for new projects addressed to our youth.


Multicultural & Ethnic Commission

This commission has started a huge worldwide programme of conferences which objectives are to re-discover choral traditions and help preserve them. Following UNESCO's recommendation for the preservation of intangible heritage and the right to cultural diversity, the conferences gather experts and participants from all over the world for some days of lectures, discussion and discovery of choral traditions, with the mission of helping preserve the authenticity of those practices.
Successful conferences took place in North Sweden (with a focus on Lapland traditions), in Puerto Rico (with a focus on the music from the Caribbean), in Namibia. Other conferences are planned, the next one will be in Estonia in July 2007.