A project of universal co-operation between children's choirs and composers

As a logical continuation of his 31-year tenure as founder and conductor of Tapiola Choir (UNESCO Prize for Promotion of the Performing Arts in 1996), Erkki Pohjola has developed a new concept called Songbridge 2000. Focusing on four big events, Songbridge is a joint project involving composers and children's choirs, and is designed to raise the standard and prestige of artistically ambitious children's and youth choirs. Moreover, it hopes to do so worldwide.

The idea was eagerly taken up by others. IFCM has approved the project as part of its agenda, and such big choral events as America Cantat, Europa Cantat and World Children's Choirs 2001 have offered their services.
Erkki Pohjola very much hopes that Songbridge may be the beginning of an even bigger and more lasting link between nations of the world. Anything that can promote peace is important right now, at a time when hate, fear and suspicion appear to have run riot. "Songbridge is like a pebble cast in a pond, the ripples spreading slowly but surely."

A bridge between children's choirs and composers

Songbridge is an international choral event that brings together four exceptional youth choirs from around the world who premiere together new art works from their own cultures. These stellar choirs rehearse the new works, together with the composers, in their global village on the Festival site. The Songbridge concert night will feature all four choirs, with each country participating in the others' premiere. In addition, each choir presents a program from their own culture, and they jointly sing a folk song from each of the four cultures. Songbridge has been a huge hit at major choral symposia since 1999.
Please download the handbook here.

Interested participants should contact the Chair of Songbridge Artistic Committee, Mr. Kari Ala-
Pöllänen by email at kari.ala-pollanen[at]