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What is Musica International?

Musica is designed to provide a working tool with which choir conductors, librarians, musicologists, music retailers, and amateur choral musicians can find a comprehensive description of all choral music. The database enables the user to find pieces by combining any of the fields searching for a customized search. Searchable fields include composer, title, author of the text, publisher, genre, style, form, keywords, mood of the piece, type of choir for which a piece is written, instrumentation, origin, period, language, key, musicological source, musical period, style, genre, kind of choir - and more. The database was developed in English, French, German, and Spanish, and contains more than 150.000 entries.

Musica is becoming a multilingual, virtual choral music library from which information (excerpts of scores and sound recordings, correct pronunciation of the text (sound file), translations, etc.) can be downloaded for immediate use - in compliance with applicable copyright laws. Additional information, such as program notes, analyses, and concert reports will be added as available.

The Musica DVD-ROM

The Musica DVD-ROM is the best way to use all of the features of the database. It represents many years of work by a team of committed conductors and librarians. It is intended for use by individuals (who are eligible for a special price for private use), libraries, and music schools. The DVD-ROM contains four separate databases, each of which may be searched independently:
scores , composers, authors of text, publishers of choral music

Compared to the Musica Website, the DVD-ROM offers improved speed for searching and retrieval of data, greater functionality of the software, and more efficient searches through the use of authority lists. Additionally, it displays complex data which are not displayed at the website. The DVD-ROM also contains a compilation of the special features of the website allowing off-line access.

In addition to the database which is constantly updated, one can visit the website to find these other features:

  • the Favourite Piece of the Month - a score chosen by the Musica International team for world-wide promotion
  • composers' anniversaries, which may be used for concert program building
  • the possibility to subscribe to the mailing-list "MusicaMail" (Newsletter of Musica)
  • dates of important future Musica events: (i.e. data entry and revision sessions, meetings, etc...)
  • opportunities to submit your own scores on-line if you are a composer or a publisher

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