Andean Youth Choir and regional choral development

This project started back in late 2003, when the Andean Corporation Bank of Development proposed the Foundation Schola Cantorum of Caracas and the Foundation Movimiento Coral Cantemos to become partners and actors in a project of human development using choral music as the main tool. The support from IFCM as an International Choral Organization has been a decisive factor for the success of this project.

The mains goals of the Andean Youth Choral Project are:

1) To identify choral organizations and potential leaders in the 5 Andean countries: Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.
2) To strengthen a net work of these organizations.
3) To build new platforms of development for choral music in the region.
4) To train choral conductors, teachers and vocal coaches in each country.
5) To integrate, through the creation of new choirs, children and young people of deprived social backgrounds into society.
6) To organize the Andean Youth Choir (in each country) and to prepare concerts every year together with the Youth Andean Orchestra.

In two years of work, 3 major concerts of the Andean Youth Choir and local choirs together with the Youth Orchestra have been organized in Peru, Colombia and Venezuela, 30 workshops, and 5 more concerts have taken place in the second half of year 2005.
Today, approximately 7.000 children and young people are taking part of this program.