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Support Conductors, Composers, Singers, Managers, Administrators

In 2022, the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) celebrates its 40th Anniversary. During the past four decades, IFCM has aimed to facilitate communication and exchange amongst choral musicians worldwide through our Federation’s diverse projects. We have fulfilled our mission via the collective and collaborative work of our Board members, our Presidents, our partners, our member organizations, and, most importantly, our individual members. Since this anniversary year is significant for our Federation, we want to mark the 40th Anniversary by making IFCM more recognized and accessible throughout all regions of the world. At the same time, we want to support our loyal members as they nurture and develop choral music, and choral life in general, in their countries and regions.


Challenging the Status Quo

A review of our current membership indicates that the majority of our members are professional choral musicians whose careers are well established. We do not have a lot of young, emerging conductors, composers, singers, managers, and administrators. One of the reasons for this imbalance is the unfortunate detrimental impact that the pandemic has had on young people in many countries. In response, we want to open our Federation to more young choral professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, sharing the benefits of IFCM membership with them and providing the opportunity for them to connect with choirs and choral organizations around the globe. This is where we need your help!


Today, Tomorrow, Together

Because you have been dedicated to choral music for many years, we are turning to you for your assistance in supporting young choral musicians worldwide. In this anniversary year, we are launching a special campaign to support young professionals in becoming members of the IFCM community. We are inviting you to support young choral musicians (under 35) by sponsoring a two-year membership for one or more of them. By your involvement in this campaign, you will be helping promising young conductors, composers, singers, managers, and administrators become a part of IFCM’s substantial international choral network as well as investing in the growth and sustainability of the Federation.


Don’t Delay - Invest Today

It is up to you how many memberships you are able to support. If you have names of choral professionals you want to support specifically (e.g., individuals in your own country or in a country in which you have been working with young musicians), please do not hesitate to indicate this to us. Alternatively, if you need assistance in finding young choral musicians in the region you want to support, we are more than willing to help.

For those who would like to accept this challenge and participate in our 40th Anniversary membership campaign, we will publish your name (with your permission) as a donor on the IFCM website and offer you an opportunity to meet the recipients of your generous donation online or at one of IFCM’s future events. If you prefer, your support can remain anonymous.  

New members will have access to all the benefits that IFCM membership provides. IFCM will work tirelessly to provide products and services that will make them want to remain IFCM members for many years to come. 


To sponsor young IFCM members, please fill this online form, download it here or contact us at for donations.

Are you a young choral musicians who would like to benefit from this program, please apply here or download the application form and send it back to An IFCM Committee will review your application.


IFCM International Choral Magazine

Official magazine of the International Federation for Choral Music, the International Choral Magazine is published quarterly in the four official languages of IFCM: English, French, German and Spanish. It is distributed in more than 80 countries on the five continents and is the official voice of choral music around the world.

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