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Musica International: Find the translations of choral texts
Published: Jun 21,2024

A good understanding of what you're singing is essential for optimal interpretation. This is particularly true when singing in a foreign language, including the Latin for sacred works.

In its quest for comprehensive information, the Musica database offers you not only the complete texts of the choral pieces you are considering (76,000 references have a text link), but also their translations in one or more languages (50,000 references linked to translations of the text), in French and/or English and/or German and/or Spanish, or even another language if it seems useful.

This service is useful not only for choirmasters, but also for choristers, concert program designers, concert presenters, etc.

Consulting the database available at is often a much quicker and more direct way than searching in Google, and above all more reliable, because all the information available in Musica is moderated by choral music specialists.

If Musica doesn't contain the translation you're looking for, you can always try Google.

Access to translations of the text of a score is done from the detailed record of a chosen work, by clicking on the "Translation" button in the right column. All you have to do is select the desired language from the list of languages ​​in which the translation is available.



If you have a translation of a choral piece text that does not yet appear in Musica, please give it a new lease on life by sending us (to the link to this translation (or sending us the translation itself, with permission to use it - we acknowledge its author); you'll be helping the worldwide choral community by enabling us to enrich the corresponding database entries.



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